Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Necromunda Market stalls

Even more terrain we made today market stalls! I want them not just for scatter terrain but also a great type of terrain to put on the sides of a shoot out.
Going to add cloth canopies once I have added sand to the bases.

We wanted the stalls to all have a purpose too. They are finished in the basics but need more details adding.

Food grill.

 Gun runner

Double sided stall, ammo dealer here

Soup station here

The necromunda club salesman
Kind of a joke of the game, as clubs are just a length of pipe. We said that someone must go over the whole underhive picking up all the pipes to sell on. To stop any gangers "finding" a free club.


  1. Love getting these updates. Great start, especially like the back to back one. You gonna make any on a 40mm base for the Yak comp? ;)

    1. Thanks man. Yak competition? You bet! I was busy when they hired gun comp came out. Sad I didn't enter it, will definitively enter this one!