Friday, 6 June 2014

Cygnar Trenchers painted

I finished painting my first unit for my warmachine army!

The internet doesn't think too much of these guys but I love them!

This is the full unit with unit upgrade and one weapon attachment.

Close ups on a few individuals 

What do you guys think? This was also my first ever time using static grass so I was a little nervous to use it at first. I think I did ok with it in the end.
Let me know your thoughts on the unit? Anything I can do to make them better? (I'm not the worlds best painter ^_^ but I try)


  1. Never worry about what the Internet has to say about a unit or model. Build and paint what you like, and have fun playing with it; winning is not the objective, having fun is (or at least should be).

    Also, experiment like crazy, it's fun!

    1. Thanks I do like the "rule of cool" over power gaming any day!