Monday, 30 June 2014

Another Necromunda Terrain update

Spent some more time making terrain

I like this piece lots of places to attach walkways

I put a bunch of junk under the ramp to prevent any chance of models going under.

Rather than use a ladder I mounted a hatch on the side of the tower for access to the top. Its 8 inches from the hatch to the top so it will count as a full run.

Multiple places to put walkways

Another stall for the market, this time a Ramen stand

And a competing food stand with a hinged shutter

Hatch shut

I wanted tunnels to be terrain pieces. I have the idea that with enough of them they can be set up as part of the board when you play and models entering play via a tunnel must set up near them.

Walkways are undercoated and I thought I would show off connecting a few of the terrain pieces so far.
My terrain testing ratskin is there for scale

Lower level connection

Some more barricades and signs. Thinking one might be a bounty board

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