Tuesday, 8 July 2014

This weeks terrain efforts

Todays terrain making efforts from myself and a couple of the guys in my gaming group. (James and Simon)

Finished up some more tunnel markers, 12 should be enough now. All made from parts from the old space marine rhinos. (With a few ladders added)

I'm planning on entering a few things in YakTribe's latest competition which can be found here

Water still
WIP of the main "ingredients" I chose

Assembled, awaiting painting

These markers will become overwatch tokens, planning on doing my own versions of all the relevant tokens.

Chain link fences. Great for blocking movement while not offering much if any cover

Another stall (similar to gun runners in fallout new vegas)

Boggy Crapper

Simple pipe cover piece

Fungus spores for "The shambler" scenario 


  1. Those are looking grand. What did you use for the chain link fence? ive been meaning to make some of those myself.

    1. Wire mesh and wooden skewers for the poles. Very quick and easy to make