Tuesday, 29 July 2014

YakTribe competition entry and general update

Back from holiday update!!!

I finished off painting my Water still for Necromunda

This is for YakTribes competition the thread can be found here

I also got a supply drop! I bought a few things on ebay
A couple of pill containers and a pack of cake pop sticks.

Finished painting a set of counters for Necromunda.
I have: 10 Overwatch, 10 Jammed weapon, 10 Broken, 5 Recharge, 15 Hidden & 20 Loot tokens

The first pill organiser is to hold them

The tokens all snuggled up inside :)

Second pill container will become "Dumpers" for scatter terrain. I saw this idea on a forum Dakka I think it was.

My "to paint" terrain pile...

And as a bonus so nid parts my friend Simon gave me as they are beyond use as a carnafex now.
They will be used in a future project to be revealed another time...

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