Friday, 11 September 2015

Pinning with a Dremel

I have owned a Dremel for a while now and it has been great for various jobs around the house or for making terrain.

I wanted to use mine to speed up pinning models, but it is unable to use drill bits below about 3mm and I need it to be able to use a 1mm drill bit

I recently ordered a multi tool chuck that some research says should work with my Dremel and allow me to use it for pinning

It arrived this morning!

It didn't come with any instructions for how to fit it, so I had to use up some of my remaining common sense...

My Dremel after the bit attachment it comes with is removed. In stages for clarity I guess...

With the new attachment in place I try out a 1mm drill bit I use for pinning

Comparison between the smallest bit the Dremel used to take and now

I grabbed the nearest mini that needed pinning and gave it a test.
I only ran the Dremel on its lowest speed setting and it was more than enough to get the job done.

One issue I did have was the drill bit slipping before it could start a hole. Which could lead to the hole being incorrectly placed or worse a hole drilled in my fingers...

I used my old hand drill to put a dent in the correct place to guide the drill. After that it took a matter of seconds. Far quicker than when I used to only have the hand drill.

This will save me a bunch of time assembling minis in the future

As for what to use for the pinning rod? Use these don't buy fancy brass rods!

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