Sunday, 24 March 2013

How we play Necromunda 1: Ammo rolls

I thought I would share a couple of things about Necromunda in general and house rules my gaming group uses.

I figured I would start with one of my favorite things we have implemented in our group.
Ammo rolls, it always seemed silly to me that you get punished with an ammo roll if you roll a six to hit.

In the case of gang members with a low BS this is even worse.

So we roll two dice, one for rolling to hit and the other to see if you need to make an ammo test.

So an example of how we work it, the Delaque Heavy fires his Heavy Stubber at a Ratskin. Rolls 2 D3 to see how many shots he gets and gets 3 shots

The white dice are rolls to hit and the red are ammo dice.
So from this roll he would hit twice and have to take an ammo roll.

We find this system works well, still the same odds of running out of ammo. But you don't get punished for making a good shot. Although you can run out of ammo without hitting too!

Let me know what you think do you like this house rule? Also is this style of post any good? Would you like more of them?


  1. Makes sense, but seems to add a lot of extra dice rolling to keep track of. We never really liked the ammo check on a 6 either, so we house-ruled the reverse, and had ammo checks happen on the roll of a 1. Sort of a "you missed so bad the gun just went 'click'."

  2. its not to much extra dice, just a extra one most of the time i like it

  3. I understand the original ruling behind the whole "ammo check roll" but I like this idea too.

  4. This is precisely how we handle it in Gorkamorka. Under the conventional rules I wouldn't bother taking a shot if I needed a six to hit on account of the resulting ammo roll in the event of success.