Sunday, 2 March 2014

Warmachine Cygnar vs Skorne failed batrep

Last Wednesday I had a game against a new opponent Sam a nice player who is starting out with Skorne.

I had never played skorne and was looking forward to seeing what they can do.

We played the 3 flag scenario (although not the newest one) 

I was trying out a few of the new models I had got that month.
My caster was eCaine, I was using Alexia and the risen and the piper and reinholdt. 

I would do a full battle report but the photos after turn 1 got lost...
We will be having a rematch so I will aim to get proper photos for each turn as well as lists. 

Skorne Deployment

Cygnar deployment

After turn one all things run/walk up

Same for mine

Will try to do better next time :)


  1. look forward to the rematch bud! and after turn two I got assassinated so we didn't miss much :P hope to remedy that next time!