Thursday, 28 August 2014

Heresy Miniatures Kickstarter

Heresy Miniature's launched their first kickstarter last week to great success! It is to redo all their large monsters into resin (Most of the models have been OOP for some time due to the rising price of metal).
I will be backing this as soon as I get paid...

Link to kickstarter

I'm don't play anything fantasy myself but I like these models a lot.
Anyone who has read my blog before knows I love Necromunda so whenever I see models I think about what they can be used for in my favorite game...

 Milliasaurs anyone? The official models for them go for stupid amounts on ebay these days. I personally think this is a better sculpt for them anyway, and you get 6!!!

I want to use this guy as a thing from the sump, or any other underhive gribbly that is large!

Giant sump spider!!! It says CD sized leg span so it will be truly imposing in Necromunda!

I hope you at least check out the kickstarter, there is so much on offer it really needs to be seen.
I can't say nice enough things about Heresy Miniatures, they make great models and I can't wait til payday!

Link again to kickstarter

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