Friday, 6 February 2015

Army update

The players at my local club have encouraged me to play more competitively and with that I have changed my lists.
The guys wanted practice against eHaley for example. I don't often use her as I find her play style doesn't really feel that fun to me. But I am giving it a good try. 
With that I present to you my current lists

Journeyman Warcaster
Sword Knights (Max)
Gun mage pistoleers +UA
Stormblades +UA +2WA

Ol' Rowdy
Journeyman Warcaster
StormSmith stormcaller
Alexia and the risen
Sword Knights (Max)
Gun mage pistoleers +UA
Aiyana & Holt
Black 13th

The Caine list hasn't changed in quite a while, eCaine is probably my favourite caster. Certainly the one I have used the most. 

The eHaley list is getting tweaked every time I have an issue with it.
For example the first draft of it I forgot to add any pathfinder and fought Madhammer who just cast inhospitable ground and shut me down. 

In my next game I played against pKreoss with double Judicator. I had the same list as above but instead of a Stormwall I had a Stormclad and Trenchers with UA. 
The Trenchers did a good job providing a smoke wall to deny the Judicators shooting. My problem came later in the game when Haley gets knocked down by his feat and shot to death (the damage roll of the last possible shot was exactly enough to kill her).
I needed something better to keep Haley safe so I swapped them out for the Stormwall.

We got a rematch later in the week and ended up picking the same casters! (His second list is Harbinger and he told me later there was no way he would risk her against Caine)
This match went a lot better for me and ended with Stormwall punching Kreoss into the ground after he and the Stormblades chewed through both Judicators.

I am still getting to grips with the list and changing it as I find issues with it. I still need to figure out Anastasia... I really am not using her well yet she has yet to do anything for me.

Anyone got any tips for getting the most out of her? I have yet to get an "espionage" off yet. So I'm interested to know how you all get it done?

If you guys have any changes you would make to either of my lists let me know! Although cries for Boomhowlers and Forgeguard will be met by "I don't own them yet!" If I could afford them I would get them but since moving across the country for family I have yet to find a job yet so buying anything new is out for a while...

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