Saturday, 18 April 2015

Greenstuff molding and my next big painting project

I picked up some hobby mold sticks the other day so figured I would give them a test run

The sticks look like this until you put them in hot water to go soft

 I pushed the pieces I wanted to mold into half of the stick. I then let it cool down.

Once it was cool I pressed the other half of the stick over the top wrapping it over a little to make sure the mold would line up nicely

 I then put small balls of green stuff in each pieces place and pressed down hard on the mold

I left it for a day to make sure the green stuff hard gone completely hard

Trimmed off the excess and they are good to go!

I got two units of Stormblades second hand and a few were missing bucklers so now they all have them!

I also cast a storm knight helmet, I intend to cut off these open helms and replace them with green stuff ones.

While I had the green stuff out I gap filled all of my storm knights! Pictured are 2 units of Stormblades with UA's a unit of Silverline stormguard, Stormlances with Katherine Laddermore and a Stormblade Captain

I have a lot to paint in my Cygnar army so doing it in batches will help keep things a little more consistent. So I will likely try to paint all of these guys at the same time.

Here are my Stormguard to show the paint scheme these guys will be getting


  1. I didn't really know this technique existed! What do you think the limits are, as far as max/min size or detail? Do you think you could embed pins/armature in the green stuff, if you were a doing a blade or weapon barrel or similar?

    1. I don't know how big you could go with this stuff, you do need to be careful not to put the "mold line" near a area with a lot of detail as the mold lines are bigger than say plastic minis