Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Three girls one Gobber Painted

I have painted a lot of units and jacks lately so I treated myself to painting some character solos


I wanted her to be as bland and unassuming as possible to fit her place as a spy. I'm happy with how she turned out 


Caine's best buddy all finished, he was a fun model to paint and was quite quick too.


I based her paint scheme from a character from a video game, let me know who you think it was in a comment below! (You will win some internets)


I really like this model but she hasn't seen much play since I bought her a few years ago, but with the ammount of legion I play against I added her to my eCaine list. So far she has done quite well she even put crit stationary on Tiberion!

What do you think of these solos? Did I do them justice? 


  1. Totally Elizabeth's outfit from BioShock Infinite!

    1. Yeah I'm glad it shows, I tried to get her as close as I could

  2. They all look sweet, Reinholt in particular, all I'd say is Madelyn looks a little plain in the face, maybe a flesh wash over it again to pick out the eyes?

    1. Good point, I will revisit her at some point. One day I hope to learn how to do eyes

    2. Not that I can do them :p
      I find the wash and then a quick for usually does the trick