Friday, 22 April 2016

5 Chargers & a Sentinel light warjacks Painted

Batch painting light warjacks is a bit dull... but when they all come together and get finished I get a real sense of accomplishment.

I have slowly gathered these Chargers when buying up second hand stuff.
I'm not sure how viable it will be to run 5 Chargers in MK3. I got this lot to run with either Nemo2 or to use with journeyman warcasters in Siege's "trial by fire" tier list.

I'm unlikely to ever get rid of them even if they aren't as usable, but I will hold off on buying anymore Chargers until June rolls around  

Gratuitous boiler shot! 

As all but one of these guys is second hand I ended up with a few quirky Chargers like this one with a Menoth light jacks head

And this one which has its smoke stacks on backwards! I really tried to get these off but it was a no go. I figure these two jacks have been repaired in the field by a bunch inept gobbers

Another annoying byproduct of buying second hand was that a few of them had broken arms, like the one above with the backwards smoke stacks. You can see a line across the hammer arm. I pinned the arms as best I could so it should be all good now.

I finished this Sentinel last month but figured one light jack wasn't worth posting about... so he waited for his Charger cousins to be finished

What do you guys think of my swarm of light jacks? This brings me to 17/20 of my light jacks painted, just 2 Minutemen and Thorn left

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