Thursday, 23 June 2016

Nemo2 & 3 and Storm striders Painted

A while ago I put up a poll on the Cygnar group on Facebook to help me figure out what to paint next. The Storm striders won with Nemo 2 & 3 coming a close second so I figured I might as well do them together!

I included Nemo1 in the picture above to have all the Nemo's together at once

Nemo2 was my second ever warcaster after using Stryker1 from the battle box. He was an interesting caster but got put to one side after too many defeats due to purification and the limitations of Warjacks. It will be interesting to see how he plays in mk3

My friend Will bought Nemo3 for me as a gift last year but as I don't play unpainted he never saw the table in mk2.
I got to use him this week though! I played against Will in my first game of mk3 so I figured it would be fitting to use Nemo against him. 
I will go into my lists another time but I will say it was a very fun game and Nemo3 will be a great choice in mk3!

Nemo3 is smaller than his previous incarnations his staff is noticeably thinner too. I'm not so keen on this myself  

Finch... no longer taking up that warcaster attachment slot opens up some interesting options

Storm strider 1
I made a trench style base and added the extra gobber mechanik I had left over from using a gobber to convert into a gobber tinker

These Striders took a long time to paint. A really long time...
Storm strider 2 this one had Khador bits on its base (I got this one second hand and it was already assembled with the basing done)

My standard token ginger...

Really hoping to get a "Stormsmith theme" once tier lists come out. If it could give the striders the starting with power tokens like Haley2's "storm bringers" tier. (Which is what the two striders were bought for)
Other wise I doubt I will ever put both on the table at once unless I play a huge game for fun.

What do you think of my Storm striders and Nemo's?

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