Monday, 19 December 2016

Kraye & Gunmage batch Painted

This time I have Kraye and my remaining Gunmages done!
(Still waiting on my local store to get me another Gunmage rifleman)

Tempest blazers got put off for a long time, I disliked painting my two units of normal gunmages so the thought of painting them with horses added in was not something I looked forward to.

I got some advise about painting horses and after that they didn't take that long really.

Gunmage Rifleman was nice and easy to paint up, when I eventually get hold of a second one I'm sure it won't take me too long to get it painted.

Gunmage Captain adept was also fairly easy to paint up, just copying over the colour choices from the gunmage unit made it easy.

For my second Gunmage Captain Adept I decided to do a simple conversion.
Using an Iron kingdoms RPG model called Valeria Alvaro Ordic pistoleer I cut off second set of pistol holsters and added a sword in their place. This gives her two pistols and a sword the same as the Captain adept above.
That and keeping her the same colour scheme as the gunmages I feel happy with the conversion.

Since I was painting horses when doing the Blazers I figured I might as well work on Kraye at the same time. He was a little harder to paint than other casters I have worked on lately, mainly choosing what colours to paint the various parts of him...

I couldn't resist getting the resculpted Black 13th, even though their rules took a bit of a hit the models sure got better! I actually enjoyed painting these guys, which is huge for me as I really disliked painting the old unit.

What do you guys think of my Gunmages? I'm really glad to have painted them and happy that they weren't the grind that the two units of gunmages I painted a long time ago were.

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