Friday, 7 June 2013

First attempt at green stuff

I did my first stab at green stuff work, its a little rough but a good start I hope.

This guy got a sling harness for his sword so its not just floating on his back!

There is an attempt at a buckle on the back there, I'm hoping it will show up better once painted.

I gave this girl a flowing tabard to cover her crouch which had some really bad gaps between the legs and torso.

Let me know what you think, and any tips you could give me would be greatly appreciated!


  1. looking good

  2. Those are both looking excellent! I'm completely hamfisted when it comes to anything beyond gap-filling with GS, you're already lightyears ahead of what I can do with it. Great work!

  3. Good first attempt. I have found that using a rubber tipped sculpting tool as opposed to a metal one. Keep wetting the tip of the sculpting tool to stop it sticking to the green stuff.

  4. Painting the minatures was always my favourite part back when i used to own Warhammer, i found it somewhat therapeutic. the actual look of the minatures still impress me, i think back in the day you used to collect imperials seems like not much has changed in that respect. i am somewhat clueless on how this game is played but i can still appreciate what it has to offer, a tatical game where it gets your mind thinking, i still play chess occasionally for example.
    Keep up the good work. all the best