Wednesday, 10 September 2014

War Games Tournaments MDF Terrain accessories

I ordered a set of MDF laser cut hatches for my Necromunda scenery, a month went by without receiving them... I contacted War Games Tournaments and they informed me that they would send out a new set.
A week later a package arrived, pleased that they had finally arrived I opened it and they had included a few extras

Here are the hatches 

Along with the hatches I order I received a set of ladders, girders and some ventilation fans.
I look forward to adding some of these to the terrain I have been making.




 The first vent I tried popping the waste sections with a blunt pencil, but the detail is really fine. The slats broke, this isn't all bad as I can use it as a broken vent (Aliens much?)

Second try I used a craft knife to cut out the bits. It took a little longer but looks a lot better.
The damage here looks worse than it is, once this is painted it will barely be noticeable. 

The second style vents are easier to pop the waste bits out of. Again left is with a pencil and right it using a knife.

Here is a scale shot using my old gang leader. All the different items are perfect scale for Necromunda. They will look great added onto my scratch built terrain. I would always use a craft knife when preparing the pieces for building to get the best out of them.

War Games Tournaments do make clip together terrain that would be perfect for Necromunda, but is a little out of my price range at the moment so I can't say much about its build quality. But if it is anything like their accessories it should be quite good indeed. 

The wait for my order was annoying but they resolved the issue of the missing order and more than made up for it with some extra goodies!

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