Saturday, 18 October 2014

Finished magnetising my Avenger Warjack

While I had my pinning stuff out for the repair work I figured I would finish magnetising my Avenger Warjack.

I magnetised the chassis and the avengers weapons a while ago, but never got round to finishing the other options of the Centurion and Hammersmith.
Mainly because the Avenger is so good, I have a Centurion already and don't find the Hammersmith worthwhile with the casters I have been using.

But I finished it up now.

Drilling into the shoulder until the magnet will be flush with the joint

On the wrist I drilled until two magnets deep

 Magnet inserted and super glued into place, I made sure that all the arms are aligned the same way.

Wrist all finished up. Again all aligned the same,

The weapon choices all finished, the reason I drill two magnets deep on the wrist is because there is not enough room to fit a magnet in the hands.




Now all that is left to do is paint it up! Should make me more likely to use the other options.

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