Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Morrow for May The Tier

I'm starting off running Blaize in her tier Army of Light, it is quite restrictive in what you can take but is very thematic and a few of the tier benefits are quite nice.

Models allowed in the tier

Non character warjacks and Gallant
Sword Knights, Field Mechaniks and Morrowan units (nice room for future units there)
Journeyman warcasters, Runewood, Morrowan solos (again future solos could fit here)

  • The tier 1 benefits are that Precursor units become force allowance unlimited and Harlan Versh gains advance deployment

  • For tier 2 you have to include two units of Precursors and gain a free UA for one of the units that doesn't count toward force allowance.

  • Tier 3 requires Runewood and gives Sword Knights and Precursors +2 Speed on the first turn..

  • And for tier 4 if you take Gallant in Blaize's battlegroup, warjacks without ranged weapons gain advance move.

The benefits mean that first turn your army can move up very fast to get to about the middle of the board turn one.

Going first deploying 7" the units can run 16" making it roughly 23" just short of the center of the board.
The warjacks advance move then can run so Gallant get 22" up the field if needed.

I see this army really wants to go first as running that far up going second is sure to give your opponent the alpha strike on your army.

Limitations of using the tier

No squire, which is one of the main benefits of using Blaize in Cygnar rather than Mercs extra range on her feat could mean a lot more souls.

Very few guns, outside of Warjacks there are only 3 solos with ranged weapons in the list, one of which is normally lurking in the back field so unlikely to get much done. Warjacks with ranged weapons are allowed in the tier (they just don't benefit from advance move)

I will see how it runs tonight and batrep games as best I can. (My second list tonight is a Sloan trencher list to use the league Trencher master gunner)

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