Monday, 12 October 2015

Journeymen League

There is going to be a modified journeyman league at my local club.

Official leagues give out painting points for anything painted during the league, regardless of whether it gets used or not. 
This version, however, also encourages players to play and paint their army they intend to use rather than just spamming for points. It gives bonus points to players that use fully painted lists that they painted during the league.

It also doesn't restrict players to keeping models in their list for the whole league. One of the things a lot of players don't tend to like, or struggle with, is keeping the battle-group for the whole league.

It starts at 15 points with no restriction on having to have a battle-group of a certain size, which is great for Warmachine players!

The league also slowly introduces scenarios week by week, and later there is an option for a second list.

The best part in my mind is that nothing is mandatory, nothing is forcing players to use two lists if they don't want to or if they don't own a second caster. 

So I now own all the Warcasters in Cygnar. I wanted to use one that was not only unpainted but that I could write a list all the way up to 50 points made up of unpainted stuff.

This puts anything I have already painted off limits for this list.
First thought was no Squire... yeah so I wanted to pick a caster that likes to take Sylys more than a Squire (also a great push for me to get Sylys painted - I'm not a huge fan of the model)
My first thought was pNemo. He's fun to use but not a power caster that will ruin a newer player's time.

So with all that in mind I wrote this 15 point list

Tactical Arcanist Corps
Gobber Tinker

The Gobber is less than ideal at this low points level, but I really wanted to paint up the model I converted the other week.

I'm hoping to keep up with the painting, as I have 2 weeks to paint the whole 15 point list - at the same time as trying to write my wedding vows!

I will post about games and painting as the weeks go on. Wish me luck.


  1. Should hopefully be a league people stick to rather than getting frustrated by being locked in.

    Shame you have so much painted already!
    I'll be keeping an eye on this for updates/pictures.

  2. Looking forward to see how this turns out with me being at the end of my JML, the non restriction sounds good, but people could just take advantage of it if you weren't careful, interesting though :)