Thursday, 9 February 2017

Alexia2 Painted

Alexia2 Is done! I had been putting off painting her for a while as she intimidated me as a painting project and I was trying to get 100% done with my Cygnar (which now is done so I can move on to some mercs)

Ever since I saw someones conversion of this model I knew I wanted to do the same.
I can't tell you who was the first to convert Alexia like this but I salute them!
She looks so cool like this to me, though she is a pain to fit in the case now...
I used bones from the "Skull and bones sheet" that Toad King castings make you can find them here

She was an interesting challenge to convert and a joy to paint in the end. I look forward to putting her on the table!

I obtained a pistol wraith in a trade last year and decided to keep it rather than sell it on, it will make a good "bad guy" for the Iron kingdoms RPG which I GM
I painted him as well just to save a little time.

What do you think of my Alexia2 then?

As with all my conversions if you would like to commision me to make one for you please send me an email to
(I'm based in the UK)

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