Sunday, 5 February 2017

Stormsmith's and Storm knights Painted

So with this lot painted I am 100% painted for the whole Cygnar faction! (There are new releases due to come out in March so it won't be for long!)

I took a long time to pick up Maddox as I owned more than enough of the Jacks that come in the battle box, but when one of my friends picked up the two player set to get the Cryx I went in with him on it. Sold a few of the Cygnar items I didn't want and will be converting the Lancer and Ironclad into a Talon and Nomad respectively.

I replaced her head with a Storm knight helmet just like I did for Stryker 2&3 I think this helps her fit in better and made it so I didn't have to paint the less detailed face...

I managed to pick up three Stormblade weapon attachments to round out my two units. They are now both at max strength!

Stormsmith grenadiers! Love the models for these guys and am looking forward to using them, not sure exactly how well they will do but it will be interesting to try.

Second unit of them too, I tried to vary the poses and pick different hair colours to make them look less like clones.

Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know that I like to paint in batches... So I picked up three more Stormsmith stormcallers to get me to max FA and paint at the same time as the grenadiers.
I did change my colour scheme for them a little, I painted their armour pieces black instead of silver.
I might go back and change the old ones to match this, what do you think? 

And to round it out I picked up a second storm tower! This was second hand as well and already assembled, I didn't want to take it apart but it was quite forward on the base leaving a big empty space so I put a barrel on there for some added detail.

So what do you think of this lot?
I will be doing a full army post with loads of pictures soon, but I will have to take them all to my gaming club as I don't have a surface large enough to set them all up on at home!

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