Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Custom Cygnar Objective and Flags

Here are my flags and objective for my Cygnar army

I thought seeing as I have been showcasing my non model based hobby stuff lately I would also share my Cygnar Objective and Flags

The objective I made using Stryker3's flag. There was no way I was happy to have the flag increase the space he would take up in my case. Plus it would be so likely to bend or break. I have seen this happen to so many other players versions of him. So I decided to convert him to be holding a shield instead

So I decided to use it to make an objective. I pinned the flag to a brass rod which was tricky to do with how thin they both are.
Then I added some sandbags and a barrel for added detail, these are from Renedra

My flags are made using the banners that come with Stormclads. There was no way I was adding that much height and therefore space in my case for a flag. So I left them off and green stuffed over the hole.
I added a few details to the base of each one and pinned them onto a brass rod.

Here they are in action against my regular Protectorate of Menoth foe

I like the way they tie together with my army and its really nice to turn up to a tournament and put nice looking flags on the table rather than proxy bases which are easy to forget.
It helps me remember that they are there and pushes me a little more to play for scenario.
What do you think of my flags and objective?


  1. Those are brilliant and look awesome. It makes me want to consider buying a couple extra Stormclad flags from the PP parts store just to do the same.

    1. Thanks Greg I'm glad you like them! Might be worth putting a post up in the 2nd hand warmachine facebook group to see if people have some sitting in their bits boxes. A lot of people don't put them on their jacks.