Monday, 3 April 2017

Custom painted AOE templates

I realised that I hadn't shared these on the blog the other day when I showed them to one of the guys at my club

I bought a set of mdf laser cut aoe templates and decided that I wanted to paint them to match various effects in my Cygnar army

(How they looked when I got them)

For the 5" aoe I painted one for Foxhole, Magesight and Electroconduction (the gun from Silverline Stormguard)


Mage sight


For the 4" aoe I painted an area to represent the rough terrain from Siege'e Rift spell
And also Ryan from the Black 13th Mage storm attack, which is sadly no longer in the game...

Image result for how dare you meme
(PP invalidating my purchases!!!)


Magestorm (now gets used for the cloud generated by the Fuel Cache objective)

The 3" aoe I painted electrical storms that will work with either Styker2, Sturgis or Jakes2's electrical storm spell or the aoe which remains in play from the reliants gun.

I might need a few more of these if I ever choose to spam Reliants (not too likely at the moment)

What do you think of the painted aoe templates? I think they add a level of detail and make it easier to remind both players of what effect the aoe has. 

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