Thursday, 30 March 2017

Caine2 Feat damage tracker: Demonstrating my dice tray adaptation

I was trying to find a dice tray but I found that they were quite expensive, and seeing as I am on a zero pound hobby budget I looked around to find something cheaper.

I came across this dice tray game called Shut the box, it was relatively cheap and the numbered tiles gave me a great idea.

I could use them to track Caine2's feat shots! I have found that sometimes in the heat of the moment I can forget what pow his gun shots are up to and it costs me time on my clock to figure it out.

So I wrote out the pow the gun shot will be on the underside of the tiles so I can flip them up each time he shoots and easily keep track of his feat.

Plus there is that awesome moment on the other players face when you get out the tray and they know the feat is on!