Sunday, 26 March 2017

Alexia custom corpse counter

I made and converted a corpse counter, I had planned to make something like this for a long time and finally got round to it. 

I got a few of these dial trackers. I have plans to make some different ones to track different effects for my army.

Due to the way it goes together I painted the number wheel before gluing it. I went with the same glowing green effect that I used for Alexia's magic.
The pile of skulls and bones scattered around are from Toad King Castings you can find them here

And here it is finished!

The dial goes all the way up to 20! Not that she often collects that many corpses in one turn. The most I have had is 15.

What do you think of my custom counter?

If you would like me to make one for your army or a counter for a different type of effect in your army send me an email at and we can work out a commission. 

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