Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Loads of Merc models painted

Finished up a load of merc models! In part because my local PG ran a painting competition which gave me the push to paint all these character models which I normally find hard to get started.

To kick things off lets start with Magus. With my dip into Mercs I will only be collecting Pirates and things that involve Cygnar. Magnus fits into the latter being allowed in the theme list Kingmaker based around the Cygnar civil war.

Gastone and his trusty Vanguard

He was a nice easy model to paint really. I have plans to have him running a Galleon within my Cygnar army (I need to paint my Galleon still)

The Vanguard I posed to be kneeling down braced ready to take a charge attack. It took some cutting, pinning and greenstuff work to achieve the pose but I feel it was worth it as I think the stock pose looks like its squatting too much.

Not much to say about this Mangler, it was a easy enough model to paint.

I'm a little late to the party getting Alten Ashley since he went up in cost, but he will still work well in the Ironkingdoms RPG even if I never use him in the tabletop game.

I managed to get hold of the No Quarter magazine exclusive Eiryss sculpt! So pleased to have this, I will be retiring the Eiryss1 model I painted last year now in favour of this one. (I never liked its sculpt)

Kell Bailoch and Orin Midwinter are a strange pair for me, they are the first models I have painted for Warmachine that don't work for Cygnar at all! I picked them up cheap and intend to run them in the Kingmaker theme list. It helps that they are great models to use in the RPG too!

Captain Damiano is the 2nd Merc warcaster I have painted now, he is the main caster I want to try in kingmaker which will make great use of my trenchers!

Continuing the Steelhead models on from Damiano I painted Stannis Brocker, he will also find a place in the kingmaker theme.

Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye is the last of the steelheads in this batch (I have a unit that is due to be painted at some point) He was a nice easy model and a good chance to test the colour scheme for the unit.

Rorsh and Brine are the most fun of this lot to me. Not only just to paint but I have some fun ideas for them in lists.

I decided to give Brine a set of bright red braces! Not sure exactly why but it seems like a fun idea.

I look forward to getting this lot on the table.
I hope you like them, if you have any thoughts or questions drop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

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