Saturday, 30 September 2017

Press Gangers Painted

I got my two units of Press Gangers painted! Wow these guys took a long time... 
I put a accent colour on each unit, red on one blue the other. A nice way to tell the two units apart I think.

Front and back shots of one of each sculpt type. I did something a little lazy if I'm honest and didn't paint the glow from the lamps properly... I couldn't find the will to do it. I might go back in the future and do it, but for now they will do. They are a cheap unit anyway...

I really love the character in these models they do look great. I had originally intended to convert them all so that there were no repeated sculpts (changing heads and weapons for example) but I didn't have the funds to buy decent conversion parts so I decided not to bother.

What do you think of my Press Gangers? 
I look forward to seeing what they Shanghai! 

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