Sunday, 6 May 2018

Gatormen for Widowers Wood Painted

Yeah.... this lot took me a long time to paint! There are 11 Club Gatormen and 6 Tomahawk Gatormen. Like the Bokors I painted their feathers to match the colour plastic they are made from.

The club gatormen look pretty cool, though they do tend to have issues with bendy clubs. I managed to get them straightened using hot water which worked quite well.

I find the pose on the tomahawk gatormen to look a little worse, the whole model being on one line (likely to make it easier to make molds for) I do like the bird skulls on their shoulders with the feathers.

What do you think of my Gatormen? I plan on using these guys as Gatormen Posse for my Maelok list and as enemies for IKRPG.

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