Friday, 26 October 2018

Making Terrain on a Budget: Rubble

Here is another terrain piece finished up. Rubble is a pretty popular terrain type but its often hard to represent on the table while being playable. With my removable visual elements I think I have a good balance of looking good but also not limiting where models can be placed. 

I added some bits to the base template that don't stick up too high which would make it harder to place models on them.

Some notable bits of rubble include Darius's crane which I replaced with an alternative and a Stormblade Captains shield which was my first attempt using the greenstuff moulds. It didn't come out so well the details got messed up a little and the whole thing slipped at the back making it unusable for use on a model.

My favourite of the removable pieces for this terrain is this wrecked Centurion heavy Warjack. I don't like the old metal Warjacks very much, especially when compared to the newer plastic/resin kits.
I had used some of the parts from this model in conversions already so it was already in my bits box partly unassembled. I drilled into the torso and the head to add a wire connecting the two making it look like the head was hanging off but still had some of its connective piping.

I built up the ground around the wreck with polyfiller covered in sand. Pushing in a couple of plastic pipes adds to the wrecks look.

I painted it up in the same colour scheme as my Centurions but dirtied it up.

This lumber pile is made using match sticks from large kitchen matches. It was quick and easy to make and paint.

This dry stone wall was originally from the Warcaster Stryker3's base. I didn't like how it looked and thought that it made the whole model a lot less stable so I built my own custom base for him. I used greenstuff to add stone details to the empty areas where the horses hooves would have attached.

What do you think of my rubble terrain? Do you often use it in your games?
If you don't but would like to you could always use a Colossals cardboard wreck marker that the mk2 colossals used until you make something. That is what I did until this was finished.

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  1. Great article. I struggle to make decent terrain. The suggestion for removable rubble pieces from your bits box is a great one. I have some old model pieces I could definitely use!
    Is the base of this mdf?

    1. Thanks!
      The base is MDF yes, its from the bottom of a draw from old flat pack furniture I was throwing out. Bits boxes are well worth building up, I have got to the stage where I have had to split mine into different types