Sunday, 13 January 2019

Year of the (Dwarf) Pig - Celebration Contest Entry

Rikers Iron (a painting Twitch streamer who's community I'm a member of) is running a competition to celebrate the year of the pig. It revolves around the Reaper Bones miniature Dwarven Butcher (77460). This was the first mini Riker finished start to finish on his live stream and was picked by the chat. It quickly became something of a stream mascot and when the stream got the ability to have emotes it was the first one he picked. #TeamDwarfPig quickly became a thing...

So anyone who wants to get involved picked up a Dwarven Butcher and got to work! The contest is still open at the time of writing this, so if you want to enter you have until the 27th of Jan.
You can find the rules here

So the other big game that Riker and the stream community are heavily invovled in is Warmachine and Hordes. I wanted my entry to have a nod to that. So I decided to convert my pig into a mini Farrow (pigmen basically) Warbeast. Above is an example of what they look like so you can get an idea of what I was going for.

I cut off the pigs "arm" and leg and replaced them with mechanical parts, I used green stuff to join them together in a realistic way.

I also added a steam powered engine and smoke stack to its back, this is to power the mechanical parts. I tried to paint the flesh around the engine to look raw, infected and slightly cooked...

I don't normally paint eyes, I'm not very good at it and find it frustrating so normally skip it. But knowing my audience I went the extra mile and did them this time. 
It took ages repainting them so that the dwarf wasn't cross-eyed but I think I got it in the end.

I blended (as best I can) the pigs underbelly to a lighter more pinkish colour from the brown skin colour.

I also wanted the areas where the mechanical limbs meet flesh to look raw and infected as well. Its very hard to capture with my camera and awful winter light, but I painted blue and purple lines extending out from the join areas to look like infected veins.

What do you think of my entry? I'm really pleased with it and might even write him up a back story at some point.

If you want to join the painting/hobby community you can check out his Twitch here
Or keep up to date on when he goes live at either his Facebook here, or Twitter here

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