Friday, 14 February 2020

Five wave one Riot quest Heroes: Model Review

This review is a bit late, the end of last year had a lot of real life stuff take priority. But here we are and we have 5 Riot Quest heroes to look at today. Unfortunately I have somehow lost the "fully assembled" pictures which is a little disappointing. (I could add pictures of them as they are currently as WIP painting if people would find that helpful)

Harlowe Holdemhigh is a Scout class hero. In Warmachine he is a Rhulic Mercenary solo and a Gunmage! Conceptually he reminds me of Casanunda from the Discworld books. 

This mini comes in two parts, only the right arm needs attaching. The quality of this sculpt is really high, crisp details into the deeper parts of the mini, such as the face.

I get the feeling that the face might be hard for me to paint with it being covered by both the hat and the turned up collar of his coat.

The connection point for the arm is decent, I will only pin this one if it comes off in the future, but it doesn't seem like it would.

There is flashing on the attachment point of the arm, which is easy to remove and doesn't affect detail in any way.

The runes carved into the sides of his Magestorm pistols are nice and clear. They will take a glow effect nicely when I come to paint them.

Next up is Widget, Tinker Extraordinaire! She is a Specialist class hero and a Mercenary solo when used in Warmachine. She looks a lot more intimidating to put together with some smaller parts, but lets take a closer look.

The main body and one leg are nicely detailed with various pouches and tools that mark her as a mechanic.

She has a really happy expression on her face as well as wide open eyes and mouth. This is really going to test my painting skills, I'm historically pretty bad at painting faces... time to get better perhaps.

This really large wrench is not only her weapon, but its the attachment point for her base. I had concerns about how securely this would stay together with such a small attachment point. I thought I might have to pin it but given how thin the arms are I really didn't want to. So I tried just gluing it to see how it went, and to my relief it actually stayed together nicely.

Her left leg has small amounts of excess flashing metal which needs removing - no big deal.

The wings are nice and detailed, lots of framework and cloth wing membrane stretched between. These will be interesting to paint.

Black Bella is a Fighter class hero and a Mercenary solo which will fit in with both my pirate and Flame in the Darkness theme forces, she comes in two parts as seen here.

This mini has amazing detail, especially the flowing hair running down her back.

Beautifully detailed face, including an eye patch. I wish all minis were this good!

The short swords on this model go down to a thin point, I will have to be careful not to accidentally bend them. There are slight mold lines down this arm which will take a small amount of filing to deal with.

Gorman the Mad is a Rogue class hero and a mercenary solo in Warmachine. He comes in 4 parts with some interesting attachments.

The main body has some lovely details, all sorts of chemical vials and pouches as well as an interesting set of tanks which fuel his weapon.

There are lines down his legs which at first glance I thought to be mold lines, but they turned out to be hem lines in the cloth of the trousers, a nice detail.

This is one of the interesting attachment points, his left hip and leg attach here, allowing the model to have a twisted to one side pose that would otherwise not be possible.

The left leg is nicely cast and comes with the attachment point for the models base.

The head has got a pretty nasty mold slip it looks like, it took me a long time filling this down to smooth it out. I have seen pictures of other peoples Gorman model which doesn't have this issue, but I can't be sure that they didn't just file it down like I did.

Gorman's gun is the other interesting connection, as the hose that attaches to his backpack can be bent and posed slightly.
There is some flashing and slight mold lines on this part but nothing to worry about.

Boomhowler, solo artist is a Gunner class hero, in Warmachine and hordes he is both and Mercernay and a Minion solo. He comes in four parts

Boomhowlers body is nicely detailed with great folds in the cloth he has draped about him.

The connection points for his arms are large and quite deep into the body, which made me really reassured that they would be strong enough to hold that huge chaingun with no issues.

I really love the detail that went into the face and its expression, he will be a lot of fun to paint for sure.

This is the attachment point for the cloth with axe part.

The gun has very crisp lines to it and very few mold lines.

Deep connection points which seem to have become the standard at Privateer press these days. 

I liked that the barrels of the chaingun had indents. Sometimes minis don't have this and it is left to me to either drill them myself or paint them on, both of which can lead to them being wonky...

I had to bend the handle part slightly to get it to fit over the gun and then bent it back once it was in position. This helped glue together these three parts all at the same time. It was pretty easy compared to similar models I have assembled (the Bog trog trawler comes to mind as a similar three piece attachment which was much harder)

Unforturnately the mold lines on this part were a bit rough, especially given the handle is wrapped in the way it is, I couldn't do a easy quick file I had to make sure not to destroy detail.

I will be sure to post these all up once I have them painted. If you would like me to add pictures of them assembled I can take pictures of them as they are currently in their WIP state and add them in for you. Feel free to ask 

I really like all of these minis but I think Boomhowler is my favourite among them with maybe Harlowe as my least favourite (but I still like him!)

I have been enjoying using them in Riot Quest and a few of them will also fit into my Warmachine armies. A lovely bonus when that happens! 

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