Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Containment Operatives: Model Review

Today we take a look at the Containment Operatives who are a Crucible Guard unit for Warmachine and Hordes.
They come in 6 metal parts

The leader model with its fist up pose. Are they telling the squad to hold position or fire? 

The attachment point for the gun arm is under the shoulder armour. It is a good attachment but I would recommend pinning it if you have the tools and the skill. If you can't its not the end of the world as the connection is solid enough.

Their chemical throwing weapons are amazingly detailed with really crisp sculpted parts.

The grunt models are posed holding their weapons in both hands and thus have a dual attachment point which makes for a really secure attachment. You would only need to pin this if you are very rough with your minis.

And here they are fully assembled.

And a scale shot with Professor Pendrake.
These are some really nicely sculpted models which fit nicely within their faction and visually share elements with the other models in the army which I think is a great way to have a cohesive visual theme. There were hardly any mould lines so clean up was fast and easy.

And finally I thought I would try something new! 
Using money from my generous supporters over at Patreon I purchased a rotating display stand. I like to put the money form supporters back into improving the content I make.
I'm hoping to get better at making these over time, one thing I know I want to save for is a better camera (I currently use my phone).
Please let me know what you think of this addition to my model reviews. 
I also plan to make similar videos for painted model articles.
With that in mind I have another question for you - should I go back and make these videos for models I have already painted?

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See you all next time!

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