Saturday, 12 April 2014

Guilders Wrath: Epilogue

(This is a piece of fluff for Necromunda written by one of my friends from our gaming group. Enjoy!)

In the aftermath all battlefields smelt the same, mused the Interrogator as he picked his way across the secured ritual site. It didn't matter if it was the humid darkness of a jungle Deathworld like Catachan, the pure, blinding whiteness of the ice planet Valhalla or the hellish depths of a star ship’s hold. All battlefields smelt the same; the stench of vomit and excrement, the acrid bite of spent fyceline and the disturbingly close-to-roast-pork smell of burnt human flesh.

His musings brought him to a line of underhivers surrounded by Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. The troopers, back mounted powerpacks thrumming, were taking no chances with the scummers and had their Hellguns permanently levelled at the kneeling civilians. Several of the Pitslaves and Ratskins had attempted to escape when the Stormtroopers had teleported into the middle of the battle and their bodies were being consigned to the improvised mass grave, along with those who had fallen during the conflict.

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The Stormtrooper Lieutenant saluted the Interrogator as he approached, “Interrogator, we have secured the site and rounded up those involved. Several claim to have been in the employ of the radical Inquisitor Mil’ay Pho Barathus. What are your orders?”

“My Lord’s instructions were clear, were they not Lieutenant?”

“The Imperium cannot afford information of this event to enter the common people’s mythos. The Monodominant’s Praxis Conclave will not permit any further investigation of this phenomenon.”

“Flood this site with rockcrete. Round up the survivors, their families, associates, partners and friends. Execute anyone who may have been in contact with the artefact to twelfth degree of separation. I want this event buried with extreme prejudice Lieutenant; and if anyone associated with the radical, Inquisitor Mil’ay, comes sniffing around? My Lord Inquisitor will declare him Hereticus Extremis before the Praxis Conclave. You have your orders, Trooper.”

Without a second look, the Interrogator stalked away as the officer ordered the Underhivers into the backs of Inquisitorial prison transports for processing.

Written by Chris Manley

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