Friday, 11 April 2014

Guilders Wrath: Stop the Ritual

Ok so towards the end of our Necromunda campaign my work was really laying on the hours so the last weeks of the campaign did not get recorded with much detail. So here are the pictures from the campaign end game Stop the ritual.

The gangs in our campaign got split into the forces of the cultists and the local militia sent to stop the ritual.

Click on any of the pictures to make them bigger if you want :)


It was a very fun end to a great campaign. In the end it had to be called due to the club closing, but the militia had delayed long enough for inquisitorial forces to arrive and resolve the situation. 


  1. Looking back on it, the final moments really came down to the wire. With most of the loyalists dead and the cultists closing in on the last surviving sacrifice the militia needed to take down (or at the very least pin) the 2 closest cultists to buy enough time for the sacrifice to be released...
    I think there was a reasonable chance that the cultists would've been pinned long enough to free the sacrifice as one of the militia had Frag grenades and the other was BS4 with Rapid Fire. On the other hand, it would've been me rolling the dice so ANYTHING could've happened!
    As writer of the scenario, I'd like to think the scenario itself worked fairly well (although everyone else who played will have a more unbiased view). One thing I would change is the way the sacrifices are deployed: maybe have the players take turns deploying the sacrifices within (for example) 36" of the daemon and then scatter D10" in a random direction before the game starts.

  2. This was an awesome game, and a great end to the campaign. I especially liked the pure cawdor vs heretic cawdor thing i had going with Si, we had a huge 5-way melee where both of our leaders got captured.

    i think overall this game would have favoured the good guys, as it was easier for them to rescue the sacrifices. However, as the good guys didn't work together, and instead stormed across for a fight, the game was much closer than i though it would be!!

    perhaps add a warp taint aura to the demon pit, that would affect any good guy that comes too close, making it a little easier for the bad guys to get their sacrifices done?

    fab game, with great scenery and special pieces. Looking forward to next campaign!