Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Starting Dark Heresy

So as a result of the failed summoning in the underhive on Necromunda a great number of citizens were rounded up. We are some of those citizens. All but one of our player characters are starting Dark Heresy locked up as part of the round up following the events of the Necromunda campaign. It will be called "The Ataxia Gambit"
Our group consists of a Psyker (The only member not locked up)
A tech priest, two assassins (one combat noble background, one ranged feral background) and my Cleric who has been mind wiped.

He remembers his faith and his abilities but nothing of his self remains.

We all decided it would be a good idea to have a model each for our characters so I wanted to make sure mine had the right look.
From a bits trade with one of my friends I got a model to base the conversion on.

As we start the game locked up we don't have our starting weapons, so I figured I would model him with weapons I want him to have in the future.

So Jon gave me a Vampire counts Necromancer to use for my conversion. Here are the bits you get in all their glory!

So I started by cutting the top off the staff and trimming the cloak down a bit. Way too spiky for a priest...

Here are a few of the bits I gathered from my bits box to try out on him

 I decided on the hand flamer for his left hand. The hand holding it was the wrong one so I cut another off a scavvy club and pinned it in place, then pinned the hand to the wrist. I had to carve the old hand out which took a while as it was in the folds of the cloak.

I cut the neck down as it would have made the model too hunched over and pinned the chosen head in place. 

Side view

I shaved down the models back a little to make fitting the back pack easier.

I added green stuff next. This is the most I have ever used on a model so far, I was really nervous to try this out.

I also filled and patched up his robes.
 Same on this side too
  I tried to blend the hood in with rest of the robes
  And fill and cover the neck here

I then added a head to his hammer and based him. The next few pictures are a rough 360 of the model  

Here are the other members of the groups models.
Dan's Ranged assassin top left
James' Combat assassin bottom left
Jon's Tech priest middle top
Simon's Psyker middle bottom
And my Cleric.

What are your thoughts? Is the anything I should do to improve him before I start painting?


  1. Looking good, like the character you've created in the model.

  2. Looking good, like the character you've created in the model.