Monday, 9 March 2015

Models painted and Tournament results

I got a few models painted for the league and here they are!

pCaine is one of my favourite warcasters and was a joy to paint. I'm still not trying to paint eyes properly and doubt I ever will. Just not that good a painter.
Warcasters get glowing blue eyes non magic users get inked faces only.

The squire is one of my oldest Cygnar models so I had felt bad that I had left it unfinished for so long, It needed a repaint as I had half finished it back when I painted the standard blue Cygnar colour scheme. I like how he looks in black the glowing coils aren't as good as I would like but I'm done fussing forever on tiny details I have loads more to paint before I worry about repainting things like that!

Viktor Pendrake was fun to paint I did him as a treat to myself as I wanted to use him in the weekends tournament painted so got him finished up.

pCaine sports the black colour scheme I have chosen for my Cygnar on his shoulder pads, forearms and shins. Other than that I painted him similar to the rest of my gun mages

The Squire... yeah he'll do. Might revisit him one day but thats fine for now.

Pendrake is my only painted model to date with any kind of blood or visible signs of battle about them. The beast head under his boot forced my hand on this one... I hope the blood looks realistic enough.

So thats three models painted so far for the league giving me 3 exp and putting my Gun mage Captain Adept up to 15 exp allowing me to take a tier 2 upgrade!
I'm going to give him the "sniper training" upgrade which gives him a 3" move once he completes his action.

Tournament results

This Sunday's tournament went really well, our local press ganger Dave hosted a great day.
I won 2 of my 3 games and came 4th! Really happy I attended I met a bunch of players from out of town who I would not ordinarily get to play. 

Breakdown of my games...

Game one was against Legion, he used Bethayne and I ran eCaine the scenario was Outflank.
The threat of Caine's feat kept his battlegroup back and I took apart the rest of the army over a few turns. It ended with Caine (Who had spent most of the game near the right zone) moving quickly over to the right to finish off the last couple of Hex hunters and gatecrashing into the zone to put me up to 3 points. (I had scored 1 on a previous turn) On his turn he couldn't get enough to the left zone to contest and clocked himself.

Game two was against Menoth, he used eFeora and I used eHaley the scenario was Destruction.
This was a very bad game for me (which also meant I learnt a lot!).
The Judicator setting most of my army on fire and there being little I could do to stop it was hard to get over. That and Eiryss keeping my Stormclad disrupted meant I faltered. (Eiryss even hit the Stormclad when it was in melee and deflection up...)
I lost this game but learnt that spacing apart is more important to keep Sword Knights alive than the +2 ARM from defensive line.

Game three was against Cryx, he used pSkarre and I used eCaine the scenario was Close Quarters.
He got first turn, allocated 3 to his Jacks (no warwitches) and ran turn one to quickly close the distance. Looking at how far up Skarre was I measured my feat and was eyeballing to see if she was within 22" of Caine. I figured she likely was but she had a jack in front of her so I would have to move at a slight angle to get line of sight. I ran with Alexia and the risen carefully placing one 10" in front of Caine. I activated Caine had him charge the risen which he easily killed, check line of sight to Skarre. Yup I had line of sight and range so I popped feat and shot her down. 
As it was a really quick game we reset my turn and played a friendly while the other players finished their games. 

All in all I had a great time and am looking forward to the next one in April. But until then I have the league to keep me busy!

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