Saturday, 7 March 2015

Tournament and League prep

The press ganger in my local area is running a couple of events that I will be getting involved in.

First is a 35 point tournament (which is tomorrow)
I normally play at 50 points so its a bit tricky trying to fit all the things I want in lists but the local club hasn't had much of a tournament scene until now so they are starting things off at a lower points level.

My lists are:

Gunmages + UA
Sword Knights (Max)
Stormblades + UA +1WA
Effigy of Valor

Viktor Pendrake
Gunmages + UA
Bommhowlers (Max)
Effigy of Valor

What do you think of these list do you think they pair well? What changes would you make?

I'm lacking pathfinder in both lists but hopefully that won't bite me in the arse too much...

These are stripped down versions of the 50 point lists I have been running for a while so Hopefully all should go well.

One of the things I have been practicing has been deployment. Having a "default" deployment has been a nice way to not use as much of the death clock time during deployment.

Its also easy enough to practice at home on my painting table and then I only need to tweak things a little depending on terrain or my opponent.

Real life has slowed down my painting the last month or so the other event running at my local club should help with that.

They are running the League of Devastation so I will be painting models to gain exp that I can spend to upgrade my Gunmage Captain Adept.

Probably the least used solos in Cygnar... slightly jealous of some of the other factions hero choices

I don't normally run him (so many 2 point models to choose from...) so its interesting getting to put him on the table. I played my first two games in the league this Tuesday and won both! (ending a losing streak I had been on for some weeks)

To date he has gained 13 exp so far I spent 5 to give him +2 range and am keeping the remaining 7 to spend on a tier 2 ability. I'm leaning towards Sniper training at the moment (3" move after a completed action) Could keep him out of reprisal range when he kills something.

I'm planning on getting a bunch of painting done to level him up a bit. Seems like a good way to encourage myself to paint!

I also was given the Scenario for Iron kingdoms should anyone want to earn some exp playing the RPG as I am currently GMing Iron kingdoms I can easily set this up for people.

I'm thinking about seeing if anyone at my local wants to do an unbound game to round off the league might be a fun way to end it.

League rules can be found here for anyone interested

So all things willing I should have some painted models to show you guys soon, wish me luck for the tournament I will try to post up about it!

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