Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sword Knights Painted

Finished up my Sword Knights today!
I have a second unit and a second UA but they need stripping before I can start on them.
I use these guys a lot they are my go to guys for holding zones or fueling pAlexia...

Max unit with UA

I was torn for a while on how to keep them in my black colour scheme. In the end I settled on shoulders and shields. I think they fit in nicely with my other painted stuff.

The officer, he was a bit of a pain to paint. The white... so many layers! Lots of fiddly detail on him too took quite a while to get all the gold detailing neat.

Standard barer, I have heard that some people replace the flag pole with brass rod. I'm just hoping I don't have to I can see that it could quite easily bend or snap though.

Some of the grunts

What do you think of my colour scheme for them? Do you think I should paint the second unit the same or alter it slightly?


  1. that white and gold looks pretty good 0-0

  2. Would recommend adding some highlights to the black areas to help provide depth. Nice colour scheme tho