Saturday, 27 August 2016

Picked up some new terrain

I picked up a Barn terrain kit from Renedra, and figured I would do a review.

The kit consists of three sprues. The left (in the pic) includes the two ends of the barn and the main wall and roof of the lean-to section. 

The other two sprues are exactly the same containing a wall of the main barn and half of the roof in each. 

This is quite a clever way to produce the kit as the lean-to part covers the window on one side of the main barn. This makes both sides look different even though they are made from the same piece. 

Here is the barn fully assembled.
Also included in the kit: two ladders, pitch forks and a cart wheel. 
Nice extra bits of detail.

The kit went together very easily, the beam details on the edge of the roof panels guide the roof onto the wall neatly. 

Some minis for scale

I used plastic glue to assemble the kit but reinforced it by gluing the barn to a sheet of mdf board as a base.

The barn takes paint well but, like with most models, I advise undercoating before painting.

I also got some barrels and sandbags to use (having already used some on the base of my Storm strider)

Overall this was a very easy to assemble kit that looks great and was cheap to boot. I especially liked the ability to augment it with other products to make it unique. I'll write more about these another time, as I've been using them on other projects as well.

What do you think of the Renedra barn? I think it will work as a great piece of terrain for Warmachine or any other 28" wargame.

More pictures to follow when I have finished painting.


  1. Is it suitable to hide Bears behind?

    1. It could easily hide a bear behind it and make the barn mvp