Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Making terrain on a budget: Hills

I want to make my terrain as game friendly as possible but also look better than the 2D terrain that has become popular lately. 
Its not that I have a problem with 2D terrain, it's just a bit expensive for me

So my aim was to make some hills as cheaply as I could that also look good but don't cause models to fall off them all the time.

First off I cut out the shapes I wanted out of MDF. I got this from the bottom of a draw in a set of old flat pack furniture when I moved house.

The cork tiles I got really cheap from a DIY shop it was reduced in price because the pack had been damaged and where no good as tiles

After cutting out the sizes of cork I wanted I roughed up the edges by scrapping at an angle.

After gluing the cork layers together I put something heavy on them and left them over night.
The next day I glued on the sand, including putting some on the cork.

I painted the dirt the same colour that I base my army with, I really want my terrain to match my army as much as I can.

The rocks I painted dark grey then dry brushed light grey.

After that all I had to do was add some static grass and they are done!
Even when I place models on the edges of the hills they don't tend to tip over which is a problem I often find with hills.

Overall I am really happy with these hills and price wise they only about £1! I used paint and static grass I already owned and the MDF was free so the cork was the only real cost.

Looking forward to having a table full of home made terrain!

What do you think of these hills? Is there any terrain you would like me to make?


  1. These are really good tom. Keep up the good work ☺

    1. Thanks mate, working on getting some more terrain done soon