Friday, 2 September 2016

Skarre2 pinning extreme!

I got a commission to pin Skarre2 for one of my local players, she comes in quite a few parts.

With how fiddly she is I had to use a hand drill to pin her rather than my dremel which took a lot longer but meant I didn't accidentally drill though the side of her.

I pinned both arms and her leg to ensure she is less likely to come apart. 

Both smoke stacks pinned this was the easiest part

The trickiest part was pinning her horns... 

And here she is finished, hopefully she is now solid as a rock.

Do you pin all your models? Since I moved house and a bunch of my models broke I have pinned everything new I have gotten.


  1. Nice job! I am about to pin Stryker2 and there is practically nothing to pin into. I pin most of my stuff, especially after 4 moves in 10 years. They simply hold up better.

    1. Thanks! I pinned my Strker2 loads as well, both arms and wrists and his head!