Monday, 5 September 2016

Sturgis & Jakes Painted - plus Jr league

My local PG is running a Journeyman league and I couldn't decide which caster to use, so I let one of my local players choose for me.
He randomly scrolled through war room and ended up choosing Sturgis!

As I am only playing painted these days it meant Sturgis got pushed up the painting priority list. 
 Seeing as Jakes is his pupil in the fluff and she is quite similar in style I decided to paint them together.

Sturgis is a really detailed and dynamic model, I put his head on facing the wrong way as I wanted the pose to be different. Having his spear facing backwards looks a lot cooler to me

"Come at me bro!"

Jakes has been on my "to do" list for a long time, glad shes finished

Another really detailed sculpt took a long time to paint but happy with the end result.

So this is the 0 point list I have come up with for week one a humble Ironclad and a Defender, its actually 2 points down but meh I'm playing Sturgis 

What do you think of my Sturgis & Jakes?

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