Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Merc Characters and Talon painted

After the grind that was painting 40+ Trencher models I decided to treat myself to some character models.

I picked up Rutger Shaw really cheap in mk2 and am glad to see he got some buffs. Not sure how often he will see play to be honest, but I have been using his model in the Iron kingdoms RPG I run as an antagonist.

Poor Taryn, back before Ace was released she was an auto include in my Caine2 lists for her shadow fire shots. Now the Gunmage Captain Adept does it better than she does...

I really struggled for years to figure out how to paint her choosing the colours for her was particularly difficult. In the end I stuck with an old adage from the Navy "keep it simple, stupid!"
I'm happy with how she has turned out.   

Sylys... man I dislike this model. Its likely why I have avoided painting him for so long.
Well hes done now and I know its not my best work but I don't really care... sad but true

This Talon light warjack was bought for my RPG group as they currently own one and we like to use models that represent things as well as we can.

I added some packs and bags to his back and hip to make it look more like it gets used to carry around a bunch of the parties gear for them.

I painted it's armour to match Rutger Shaw's as he is the most likely Jack marshal I would run a Talon with currently.

What do you think of these guys? 

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