Friday, 26 August 2016

Trencherpocalypse Painted

Its finally done! The Trenchpocalypse is over... this has been the biggest painting project I have ever completed. This is 95 points of Trencher models...

First up Trencher Infantry with Command attachment and three weapon attachments, plus an extra weapon attachment for my other unit that I painted over two years ago. I have matched my old paint job but I feel I have improved over the last two years so the old unit will have to get some touch ups at some point.

The Officer

The Sniper

Couple of the unit for the old front and back shots

Trencher Commandos with three weapons attachments

My promise to myself to have a ginger in every unit continues

Scattergunner weapon attachment

Trencher weapon crews, I doubt I will ever get a second Cannon crew

The Chain gun is a neat model, the covering fire changing from a 3" aoe to a wall template is a big improvement  

The loader for the chaingun is a giant, really tall man compared all the other trenchers even kneeling he's nearly the same height as a standing man.

The Cannon crew have some really great looking models full of character, they were a joy to paint among the other trencher units

I love how this guy has a bunch of firing plans or orders in a pouch and in his hand.

Solos and characters

Murdoch was a fun model, he has the same style as the commandos but a lot more weathered and torn clothes.

The toughest man alive Maxwell Finn!

I tried my best to paint his face with as much detail as I could. Things I normally don't do for models in units. I tried to give him stubble (looks better in real life the light makes it hard to get a decent picture)

Trencher master gunners! I have two of these guys, not sure I will use two in one list but hey they are done now and I have the choice to use two should I want to.

I like the way this Trench buster looks like he's running.
These Ogrun were really fun to paint, and they are huge easily the size of a light warjack

This one I put his foot up on the sandbags which makes it look more like he's aiming a gunshot. This makes the two of them look different enough

And thats it! It was a hell of a grind at times painting these all at once but once they started coming together it was very satisfying. I have now painted all available Trencher models.
There is a character solo Major Harrison Gibbs which is set to be released in November, but he should be quite easy to paint up in the same style. 

Big thanks to all those who produce warmahordes content on YouTube and Podcasts I watched/listened to a hell of a lot while painting this lot!!!


  1. Nice work! Are you planning on running an all trencher list?

    1. I sure am! I also have my fingers crossed for a really good Trencher theme list

  2. Super impressed! I am also hoping for a good trencher theme list!