Wednesday, 10 January 2018

5 Years of Wargaming with LuckGod!!!

My Blog is 5 years old!

To celebrate, I have decided to do a series of giveaways.

How to enter

There are three ways to enter, each of which will give you a ticket into the draw (for a maximum of three entries per person).

This will allow me to only enter active Subs/Follows into the draw to avoid prizes going to someone that liked/Followed years ago and now have an inactive account.

I plan to draw the winners live on twitch, they will also be announced on all of the above platforms.
I will contact winners via the method that won them a prize.
I am aiming to draw the winners at the end of the month.

Now on to the good bit... the prizes!

For five years of blog posts, I'm giving away five separate prizes!

I will write a tactica on a model/unit in Warmachine/Hordes of the winners choice 

If the choice is something I haven't much experience using, there will be a longer wait for the article while I get more table time with the model/unit. If the choice is outside of the factions I play it will have to be entirely theory based!

I will let the winner write my army list, which I will play in a doubles tournament in February.

Anything in Cygnar as I have it all fully painted, and limited options if the winner wants me to play Mercenaries. I will make batreps for this tournament and post them to this blog and YouTube.
I will write a rules explanation article for Warmachine/Hordes on a topic the winner picks.

This would be in the same style as the ones I have written about Gunfighter and Journeymen Warcasters.

I will do a pinning/greenstuff/magnetising commission up to the value of £20

Exact details of what this would entail are very flexible so I would work this out with the winner.

You get to pick the fate of the black 13th

As I have the resculpted Black 13th fully painted I have no need for the old tiny versions. So it will be up to the winner to decide what happens to the old unit.
Want them smashed with a hammer? Burnt in a fire? Covered in glue? Dipped in paint? As long as its within my means, and isn't illegal it will happen!
And the sentence will be carried out by my buddy who plays Trollbloods. His army suffered at their hands for many years so he's keen for payback!
I will film the results and post them to YouTube, if possible this might also be live streamed on Twitch.

Their fate is yours to choose!

So a big thanks to everyone who has read my blog over the last 5 years, if it wasn't for you all reading and commenting I wouldn't still be doing it! 
Best of luck to everyone who enters, I look forward to seeing what the winners pick for their prizes!