Saturday, 13 January 2018

November Trencher Releases Painted

I finished up all the remaining Trenchers! Really pleased to have these done so I can get them into lists at last!

The Blockhouse is a strange model, I'm not quite sure how it will preform on the table. It was pretty easy to paint though. I am unsure if I will pick up a second one of these, I will see how this one goes and decide later.

Express crew painted up quite nicely, it was a shame that they are in such fixed poses. I would have liked to have a little more variety but its not the hugest problem.

The spotter having a moustache allowed me to get my "have a ginger in every unit" fix.
I painted his hand holding the binoculars separately, which is unusual for me, but I really wanted to be able to paint his face without the hand in the way.  

Ok sooo... Harrison Gibbs.... I actually painted him over a year ago when he came out in Nov 2016 (I wanted to use him with Stryker2 in a tournament so he got painted asap!)
I realised a few weeks ago that I never got round to posting him up on my blog, so here he is now!

Trencher Combat Engineers were fun to paint, as I had the general Trencher colour scheme sorted I didn't have to pick colours on most of their details. It was only when it came to their extra equipment that I had to make some choices. 
I'm not sure if I will pick up any more units of these guys, I will see how these ones preform first.

The Trencher Commando Command Attachment. He is just what commandos have been waiting for!
I have been excited to get him on the table since I saw his initial rules on the CID forums. I will be trying him out with Siege2 (as he is the newest of my casters) first. Then I have plans to try him with Stryker2 and Jakes2.

I figured a shot of him with his unit was in order!

So thats all my Trenchers finished! What do you think of my trencher colour scheme? 

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