Monday, 30 April 2018

Converted Battle Boar Painted

Here is my converted Battle Boar all painted up!
I managed to paint him entirely within one day from priming to done, which is something I don't normally do as I typically batch paint a lot of models at once.
The conversion from Gun boar to Battle boar was easier than I thought it might have been. Though I had originally intended to make the model magnetised giving me the option of a Gun or Battle boar, once I started the conversion I found that it would have reduced the quality of how the model would end up. So I decided to just make a Battle boar as it was the one I am more likely to want to use in game.

I posted while this model was wip as I wanted your feedback about the armour plating I wanted to add to this arm. Most people voted for this choice so its the one I went with and I have to say I like how it looks!

I really like how the chemical tanks and venting cloud look, I asked my painting buddies which colour I should use for the chemicals, green was the most popular choice for it.

I like how the thin piping that's going into his shoulder looks like its injecting chemicals into him.

I changed the rope that was meant to be the pull cord to fire the cannon when the model was a gun boar so that it looks like piping to feed more chemicals into the boar by adding some bendy piping at the bottom of the rope and using green stuff to make it look connected.
I painted the extra shells held on its belt to make it look like they are additional supplies of chemical, I didn't want to try to remove them and deal with extra sculpting to cover up their removal.

Here he is with Rorsh and Brine, I have no plans to get a Farrow Warlock so this Battle Boar belongs to Rorsh! I will be using it in a list with Rask, and I'm sure they will make an appearance in the IKRPG too at some point!

What do you think of my converted Battle Boar? I'm really pleased with how he turned out, I like having converted unique looking models in my armies.

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