Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Void Leech's Painted

Void Leech's finished! When I started these I was unsure if I should paint them in the ghostly style I previously painted undead models like Alexia's risen. Having just painted Maelok who is undead in a more detailed style I decided that I would paint undead which aren't just grunts in a big unit like Alexia or the Shamblers in a more detailed style. Shamblers I am happy to paint in a ghostly style though...

I picked my colour scheme for my Bog Trogs from No Quarter Prime 3, its such a great resource I was really struggling to figure out how I wanted to paint them at first.

Ah rope... so much rope on Minions models! Its a bit much but it does look good once finished.

What do you think of my Void Leech's? I think they are a great addition to Minions and I see myself using them a lot.