Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Necromunda Connector Bridge

Couple of things before I get to the main point of the post.
This is my 100th post and the blogs 2nd birthday!! Thanks a lot to everyone who has read and commented on my blog. It really makes it worthwhile to me that people read and comment and enjoy the blog.

Anywho back to the post...

I got a Dremel for xmas so I figured I would use it in a project. (I had tested it out a while ago)

I wanted to build a walkway that was bigger than the others I had made before and a Connector bridge that would span larger distances and help to join buildings together.

My new toy! I used this to cut my old set of blinds into the needed lengths.

These are runners from a chest of draws I smashed up before I moved house. I figured they looked a bit like girders so I kept them

Popcake sticks from ebay only £1 much cheaper than buying plastic tubing from a hobby shop

Laser cut MDF girders from Wargames Tournaments their ebay shop can be found here 
They add a nice level of detail to the bridges.

Measured it all up leaving some walkway sticking out to lay on buildings

I glued the pipes into the draw runners and then then glued them to the lengths of blinds. (Using my beloved glue gun)

Glued the MDF girders on top to create railings for cover. 

 Heres a view of the underneath

 An example of it in use between two buildings

The Delaque ganger uses a juve as a human shield against the Ratling sniper.

Now to get started on the big connector bridge!

Really long lengths of blinds for this one.

Also will be using some of the few official bulkheads I have.
(These are super rare for me)

I used the Dremel to cut out a hole for the ladder in the middle support.

Glued it all together

Repeated the girder supports from the last walkway.

Added a damaged section of bridge.

A group of Delaque fight off a horde of Zombies.

And here are the two together connecting to a building.

I think they will work really well with my other walkways. If you are interested in seeing them they can be found here

Let me know in the comments below what you think of these!

I won't be added a base to the connector bridge so it can easily fit between buildings.

Thanks again for reading and commenting! Heres to a hundred more posts!